Corporate tax return

Are you ready to take control of your company’s financial health? We understand that it can be challenging to balance your day-to-day operations with tedious and time-consuming filings.

However, it’s crucial to stay up-to-date to ensure your business’s success. That’s where we come in. Our skilled team of financial experts is passionate about helping you navigate this journey.

We’ll take care of preparing your financial statements and corporate tax returns, giving you peace of mind knowing that qualified professionals are managing your filings.

We believe in the value of your time and want to help you focus on what you do best – running your business. Let us support you on this journey by taking care of the hard work, and get your filings back on track. It’s time to take your business to the next level, and we’re excited to be a part of your success!

In our practice, a big part of what we do involves helping firms who have been delinquent in their filings. All too often, life happens and a corporation’s director will be too distracted by business to focus on tax compliance. We get it. But, now that you want to get back up to date, there is a lot of work to do. Let us handle that for you. It is no fun receiving a demand to file from Canada Revenue Agency demanding that you file your corporate tax return.

Sometimes, when we are done crunching the numbers, we discover that the corporation sustained losses, capital or non-capital. These losses can often be carried back to prior tax returns to recover taxes paid in the past.

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Another nice surprise that can occur for taxpayers who haven’t filed for a while is related to HST or Harmonized Sales Taxes. A corporation will have received all kinds of scary mail about arbitrary assessments for sales tax plus interest. When we actually do file, using accurate numbers, we see that the remittances for HST collected are nowhere near what the CRA was expecting. In fact, a corporation can often receive a refund from the HST department. This happens when the HST paid or input tax credits surpass the HST collected.

It is important to know your filing deadlines, your payment deadlines, and, where applicable, your installment deadlines. If you are unsure, give us a call.

Another point to bear in mind regarding HST is that the HST collected does not belong to the corporation. All too often, by the time the remitting due date comes around, the money is long gone and the taxpayer is groaning about having to cough up so much money to CRA. This should not be happening. If a company owner changes his/her mindset recognizing that the money is not really his/hers, it will be that much easier to remit when remittances are due.

Although we know this may sound overwhelming, you do not need to know all the ins and outs of accounting to remain compliant. All you need is us! We represent you, ensuring we follow what’s best for you and strategize using our experience so you can focus on your business. And the best part? You can sleep at night knowing you are in good hands.